The Campaign for Good Curatorship is more than just the Manifesto – below you can find information about the actions we’re planning in order to promote the campaign. Please do get involved and let us have your ideas!

We will…

  1. Set up a campaign committee which seeks to represent the diverse range of organisations and specialisms.
  2. Produce advocacy document/s highlighting the important role curators and curatorial knowledge play in delivering effective museum services. This will be aimed at museum stakeholders, particularly directors, funders and policy makers.
  3. Establish open workshops to develop recommendations to alterations to Code of Ethics and Accreditation.
  4. Establish key principals of good curatorship through consensus across the sector and ask key institutions to sign up to this.
  5. Establish conferences and workshops to pool examples of good curatorial practice and publish these.
  6. Establish skill sharing workshops to create resources for sharing best practice in good curatorship (i.e. an introductory how to curate guide).
  7. Establish research projects exploring the role of curators in delivering effective museum services and the public perception of curators.
  8. Act as a central body to build a critical mass of opinion for more effective lobbying.

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